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Drop-in Visits

Scheduled home visits to walk and feed your dog.

30-minute visits with one-on-one time with your dog.

Your dog gets the attention they deserve while you’re away.

Schedule Visit

Contingent on length of visit. Aggressive Dogs: The training fee is subject to change for dogs that have aggressive behavior.

Kalie’s drop-in visits for dogs are tailored to your precious pet’s unique needs! They can include everything from potty breaks, training refreshers, administering medication, dog walking in San Antonio, and much more. During each visit, Kalie is sure to provide lots of attention, hugs, and whatever else your doggo needs. To keep you in the loop, Kalie sends text updates with photos—you’ll always have the most up-to-date information on how your pup is doing. Whatever your dog care needs are, Kalie will be there to help.

You can choose from 20 to 60-minute visits for single-dog households, and homes with multiple dogs require a minimum visit of 30-45 minutes to ensure all dogs get enough attention and care. If you have more than one dog and you would just like them to get some TLC and a potty break to the backyard, a 30-minute visit could be plenty. For multiple dogs who require a walk along with their drop-in visit, a 45-minimum visit time is required. Whether it’s a 20-minute or a 60-minute you can be confident your pup will get the best care and attention when Kalie stops by. If you’re not sure what kind of visit is right for your dog(s), give Kalie’s K9 a call so we can find the right match!

Drop-in Visits 

Starts at $20

30-min Visit 
To schedule this service, please select the option that applies to your pup and complete the scheduling process.
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Happy K9s

Kallie is a Very Patient Trainer

She took a very shy, skeptical GSP puppy and opened her up. Taught her the basic commands and how to walk on a leash. She even helped us with a regular collar and an e-collar. Highly recommended Kalie!!

-Michele S.

Trains Through Rewarding Success

I highly recommend Kalie’s K9s for your dog training needs. I chose the homeschool option. Kalie came to my house 5 days a week and worked with my 10 month old puppy on basic obedience such as sit, lay, stay, come, and heal. She trains through rewarding success and Gizmo loves her. At the end of each week Kalie trained the human (me) and I was amazed how much Giz and I learned in such a short amount of time. I was also impressed that she built a fun time for Giz throughout her training session. If you and your dog are lucky enough to get Kalie’s training services you won’t be disappointed!

-Sara S.

Very Patient, Compassionate and Calm

We reached out to Kalie because our two pups were very anxious around other dogs at the dog park, had issues with separation anxiety, and were too difficult to manage on walks. She listened carefully to our concerns and worked with our dogs (and us!) in a very patient, compassionate and calm manner. Our pups definitely looked forward to her visits as we all did. We’ve noticed they’re much more comfortable in social situations, including walks and around other people, and are making great progress with other dogs. Her help has been greatly appreciated!

— Sara D.

Kalie is an amazing trainer!

When I found Harley, my German Shepard, she was skittish, malnourished, and aggressive. She had cigarette burns on her paws and she did not trust men. My training goals were simple, I wanted to take Harley out in public without her biting or attacking anyone. Kalie was patient with Harley but taught her how to sit and stay until I called her. She taught her how to walk next to me, instead of in front or behind me. By the end of Harley’s training, Kalie was able to pet Harley without any growling, snapping, or barking. Now I take Harley everywhere with me, from hikes to dog friendly spots. I never leave the house without my best friend, and I owe it all to Kalie!

— Jacquelyn B

Working with Kalie was great!

We had classes with our one year old golden retriever and learned so much. Kalie was so kind, was very accommodating to our busy life schedules and made sure the training was specific to what our dog needed to learn. our golden is doing so much better following commands from us and has highly improved in social situations. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for training classes 🙂

— Caitlin H.

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